GMACAG And The Global Council On Geo-Engineering

A few of my readers might recall a few months ago there was a run in with the organizers of GMACAG.  Things have developed over the past couple of months in respect to a splinter group that has the right formula for success.

Within a few days of GMACAG launching it became very clear that it was being ran like a dictatorship and would not give individual groups the leeway and autonomy that they deserved, considering those groups mostly are being ran by chemtrail activists who have earned their stripes.  I had written a pair of articles regarding this, the first was exposing some of the interactions Troy had with myself and other chemtrail activists from Victoria.  The second was to include additional information to plant the seed that things ought to be more transparent.

This third installment will outline what has happened since then, and demonstrate the reasons why this splinter group has formed.  Here is an announcement by the splinter group (bearing in mind this was made after running through a process that had the GMACAG demonstrate their true colors)


The Global Leadership would like to inform you that we believe we have been co-opted by the Global March Against Chemtrails & Geo-Engineering (GMACAG) group led by Troy Lessard and Mohini Priya we each individually have striven to have meaningful dialogue with the GMACAG crew since they came on the scene out of nowhere in June of this year, however it is becoming increasingly obvious that these guys do not want an open and transparent relationship with the Global Leaders as individuals or corporately, they have not taken any advice we have offered them nor have they sought to connect with the global leadership, the actual people with organizations to have meaningful dialogue & discourse on what is the best way forward. They have continually marginalized those they should be working the hardest with to make this work, they have tried to manipulate individuals, they have blocked and banned legitimate leaders who have openly asked for transparency, greater communication and a say in how our groups will interact with  the GMACAG platform & program of events.

Many of us have personally have worked damn hard to form the above type of open relationship with these people and have had nothing but insults and deception given back to us, our take on this now is that they are attempting to co-opt our organizations on a mass scale and that basically they have sweet talked us all into a place that all looks rosy but is far from the truth. – It is very clear to the newly forming Global Council of Leaders that this is taking place. We have been rejected by GMACAG in having any say in what information they present to the public , how and when that information is presented and in organizing, planning and executing public protest events.

As a Global community our organizations number in the 1000’s of members involved, as leaders we bear a weight of responsibility and a duty of care towards YOU the people that are following what we do. We need to know that we are leading YOU the people in the right direction and that we are honouring the trust and resources YOU are giving to us. In all good conscience we are only asking GMACAG to give to us what they in reality should automatically be giving to us, and that is open , honest, transparent communication and a say in how what we were already running (without their help) and building up should be managed. Its not too much to ask and the reality is, it’s a no brainer, these guys should be rushing to have this discourse with us to make this bigger, better and more organized, yet they are not, they are stifling us, cutting us off and dictating to us what we should do and when we should do it , with NO consultation whatsoever!!!!!

Our position has now been made clear to GMACAG people and the Global Council of Leaders & Activists is forming, these are leaders who are tried and true, their fruit as activists is online for all to see. We have sent an open letter to them and this has been rejected and our group painted as terrorists who want to cause a rift in the Chemtrail/Geo-Engineering activist movement. Troy and Mohini the two known leaders of GMACAG have never been sighted in person, they have not attended any protest events and in fact Troy almost crashed the Canadian event that he should have been at, they remain faceless and incommunicative when pressed – On the other hand, you look at people like Max Bliss, David Lim, Mona Norman, Kristen Meghan, Russ Tanner & Paul Mac to name a few, these guys are out amongst the people everyday, they lead from the front, they invite you into their homes and break bread with you, their example in teaching , training and giving is exceptional, they do not hide behind a web page, they are bold and forthright and they put their very lives in jeopardy by living as they do….these are the types of leaders that people follow and trust, its not too much to ask of GMACAG to step out and share in the battle as well as let us work with them to improve our way forward.

GMACAG have responded to our open letter in such a way that there can no longer be any doubt that they are aiming to manipulate and control the Global Activist movement, we have seen a number of outright attacks on individuals and groups so far this year from other quarters and now what we have built up to date is in jeopardy of being taken over by people who remain faceless and behind the scenes, not even turning up to the events that they co-ordinate, our question to you is who do you trust here, the people who have the fruit on the tree by their actions and transparency or those who want to remain hidden, unknown and yet want to tell us what to do and how to do it?

Ask yourself these questions….how did two people on opposite sides of the planet (Canada & Germany) suddenly get together and form GMACAG?….Where did the resources come from to form their web page and the very slick GMACAG video that has now been pulled offline?….Why don’t these people not want to be known?…..Why do these people not want to work with the leaders of our communities in an open, honest and forthright way?…..Why when we corporately send an open invitation to work with them do they reject that and attack us as terrorists?

We make no apology for what is now occurring, none of the Global Leaders wanted this rift to happen and every opportunity was exhausted by us in trying to make this connection work, but it is now very clear that GMACAG has attempted to co-opt our works in a very slick and professional attack by taking over how and when our public protest events are managed and run. Please read the following letter sent to us by Troy Lessard and make up your own mind as to how you think this should have gone, please also take the time to watch online the body of works that the Global Leaders mentioned above have put together, the marches, the presentations, the vulnerability by leading from the front. These leaders have not shied away from exposing geo-engineering, they have boldly led by example and made themselves available at every opportunity, they have had much scrutiny with what they have done and have been found to be people of integrity and commitment.

We the Global Council of Leaders only want to protect the movement and the people who have put their trust in us from being attacked from without and within, it is for this reason that we have decided to make this known publicly, so that you the people can make up your own minds about what is going on and that the movement as whole remains open, transparent and not led astray. We value the trust of the people that has been given to us and want you to make informed decisions about how you attend public protest rallies and who your leaders truly are.

Sincerely – Global Council for Geo-Engineering Protest

Here is some additional correspondence between the group and GMACAG:

Open Letter from the Global Council for Geo-Engineering Protest
By Paul Mac in Global Council – Geo-Engineering Protest (Files)

Open Letter from the Global Council for Geo-Engineering Protest

Dear Global March Against Chemtrails & Geo-Engineering,

The Leaders of the main anti geo-engineering protest groups around the world are increasingly concerned by the lack of transparency, co-ordination & communication being shared with us by the people at GMACAG. We have individually consistently tried to have meaningful dialogue with your group since it emerged from nowhere in June of this year. To date the leaders of GMACAG have failed to consult with the overall Geo-Engineering Protest movement in planning and timing for Global events, you have remained faceless people who have not presented yourselves on the front lines of protest movements or to the greater community at large.

This is of great concern to many of the Global Protest Leaders and Organisers around the globe, we feel that as a movement we require complete transparency with what we do all around the world and that to be dictated to and controlled by a group of people who won’t disclose themselves to us, is completely wrong. Many of us have had similar individual conversations with two of the known leaders of GMACAG Troy & Mohini and we have all been told the same story of shyness and just wanting to help in the background etc. Several of our leaders have been blocked from the GMACAG fb page for comments asking for transparency and better communication, this we view as troll like activity.

We understand that this is a controversial issue and that it is inherently divisive in nature, but as boots on ground activists and leaders of people, (to whom we we have a duty of care) We believe it is important that we have this conversation now to get you guys to work with us effectively and grow the movement forward. We ask for the following to be instituted immediately as a show of good faith and co-operation that we can all work together into the future.

Immediate access for several key leaders to assume shared control over the planning and timing of Global events and how they are announced publicly.
Shared access/control of the GMACAG website and content input, we bring a wealth of talented people who would love to share their work.
Ongoing total transparency from GMACAG and committed attendance at events that are co-ordinated by the Global Council for Geo-Engineering Protest (GC-GEP) & GMACAG.

Failing that we, GC-GEP leave ourselves in a position of vulnerability, being controlled by people who are not willing to step into the lime light and share as genuine members of our growing international communities in an open honest and transparent way. To that end we retain the rights to our sovereignty as individual groups and the right to organise our own Global Geo-Engineering Protest’s under whatsoever banner we chose.

GMACAG, you have a moral obligation to engage the leaders of the Global Protest movement and to do so in an open honest and transparent way. You are asking to represent a global community of people who have tacitly put their trust in you without you ever exposing yourselves to the same risk or even meeting with any of those you ask to follow you. This is an unacceptable position to those of us who have fought long and hard before you turned up in June 2013 to try and assert control over what we were and are already capable of doing by ourselves.

Failure to comply to the above requests will leave us no other recourse except to go around you and continue the course of works and programs already being instituted by us. We will alert all known anti geo-engineering groups to your failure to comply to our reasonable requests and the fact that GMACAG are operating as a shielded entity who act like trolls and shills by deleting posts and blocking members who ask for transparency. We truly hope it does not come to this and that the above letter is received in the spirit of which it is intended.

We await your reply

Global Council for Geo-Engineering Protest


And the Response below:

GMACAG – Email Reply 28/09 – Troy Lessard


We always have the communications door open for any group or individuals who wish to dialog with us on a professional and respectful way.It is our sincere wish to work with as many people and groups as we can.We are not here to take over any one’s hard work or political goals or their community events.We are not here for the glory or the fame.We are here as a support structure and to promote as many people, groups and geoengineering activist events as we can and we refuse to wast time doing it by dealing with any form of trolling regardless of its source.

Your declaration to infiltrate our GMACAG group like terrorists, and take over the control of the Global March Against Chemtrails And Geoengineering including our Facebook and website and then telling us what to do or else you will troll the chemtrail community and to continue to lie about us and the details of how we operate, and how I operate just to meet your personal agenda of complete control and dominance of the global march against chemtrails and geoengineering is not acceptable, and this is certainly not team work.This is in fact ironically exacally what you are claiming us of doing.

Your very demands in your recent letter to us, by its very definition is a act of trolling, terrorism, manipulation and control, and be trail to the chemtrail geoengineering community of activists which you claim to serve.The greatest crime in the world called geoengineering is happening right now and you are wasting every body’s time and energy by threatening to troll your way threw activist groups web pages until you become chemtrail leader of the world.Mick West would be proud of your choice of actions to date.

Paul you are doing a great diss-service to the community by creating all of this internal conflict where none needed to exist.You have never sent a message to me directly before either.In fact you and I have never texted more then a few pleasant words to each other in one paragraph recently and yet you hang me out to every one as a troll and not to be trusted.Additionally some of the worst unprovoked trolling, threats, and abuse I have seen during this hole gmacag campaign are from you personally towards Mohini and the gmacag and we have the emails and screens shoots to prove it .Actions clearly not worthy of public scrutiny from man throwing rocks from with in a glass house, but it is not our goal to hang out dirty laundry.

Its time for every one to seriously question their ego’s and directions and put aside childish ways.We should only have one objective here and that is to respect every one while stopping geoengineering.

Every second of unnecessary internal conflicts are seconds wasted towards stopping geoengineering.How you decide to proceed will reflect on the global geoengineering activists community and possibly made public.We always have the communications door open for any group or individuals who wish to dialog with us on a professional and respectful way but we refuse to be trolled, moled or spin our wheals and waste our time with ego’s.Judge your self’s accordingly the world is watching.

PSNote.Note thanks to Dane I saw a copy of this letter in question from a day ago.I did not receive a Email of the original letter that lead up to this reply as you did not copy my email address correctly when it was provided to you in a private message.

Troy Lessard

Here is a thread by Pat of WAC Victoria, bearing in mind that none of the chemtrail activists in town really know who Troy is, have never met him, nor seen him at any event.  In fact, there was an event here in Victoria which Troy not only essentially sabotaged, but failed to attend, and had the event never happened there would have been no event in town.  This is also confirmation of what I’d mentioned earlier about Troy attempting to obfuscate his location, as the response is clear that he could show up (but won’t, in my opinion):


Here is a skype conversation that took place with GMACAG administration present (mohini).

Paul Mac even disclosed his entire conversation dialogue  with GMACAG, which is included here.

And here is another mariette’s dialogue with Troy from GMACAG.

The chemtrail activists who have stood up on the issue the longest deserve more respect.  We deserve to be part of the process and we deserve better than to be labeled as “trolls” by a dictatorial clique (GMACAG) that lacks transparency and cannot handle criticism (and in effect I’ve felt this tactic has been used to sweep already established grassroots activists out of the way — hence my belief in the cause’s co-optation by GMACAG).  Many local organizers have been outright banned just for daring to question the GMACAG leadership and why things are ran in certain ways.

I have kept my mouth shut, waiting for other people to exhaust communications with oligarchy at the top,  and they certainly did afford them every opportunity to prove that they were willing to work with local organizers and consult them rather than make arbitrary decisions on their behalf.

Any other local group that feels they are being lead along by the nose hairs are more than welcome to join our round table.

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