Smoking and social decay

I should probably record a video of this. If people would like a good example of the ever expanding social decay and depravity, also the stupidity of policy-making, please have a good watch of the ashtray outside of Serious Coffee, in Esquimalt.

During today’s tough economic times, and an ever increasing tax-burden associated with tobacco products, our haribrained bureaucrats have manufactured an answer that is by far worse than just leaving things be. By increasing the burden to unbearable levels in order to force individuals to quit, they have created incentive for people to go rifling through the butt can for some juicy leftovers. What these scavengers do not understand are the risks they are taking by obtaining their tobacco this way. People with diseases still smoke and use ashtrays. They put their lips on the cigarettes and is a transmission route for all sorts of things that can be transmitted via saliva.

Some might argue that things can only last so long on a butt like that, but given how it takes barely 10 minutes for one to disappear from that tray (and where do these people come from, are they watching the thing with binoculars or something? There’s often a startling lack of pedestrian traffic), I would argue that the timeframe is PRIME for most orally transmitted diseases to remain active.

Here in Victoria, I remember a Hepatitis ad campaign in bus shelters not too long ago. Guess it’s a problem around here? You don’t say! I am not saying people do not get it other ways but what I am saying is that this is a socially engineered way that is artificially wide-spread enough to produce what I have observed to be true.

It would now seem that economic pressure has produced a behaviour that I have no doubt has resulted in bills for tax payers. With one hand, our system collects extra money from smokers for taking their own risks and were not given the choice if they wanted help later or not, so they are indoctrinated into a government sponsored shell game with money, and quite the burdensome chunk for some. If addiction is a disease, then this is reflective of a parasite that takes advantage of the sick and produces a social circumstance that I would argue makes quitting even more difficult despite their best efforts of free patches, mental medication, gum, and sometimes government sponsored contests and bribery.

So rather than get burned for $10 a day for a pack-a-day smoker (two smokers in a common law situation are literally paying an extra RENT, or the lease on a high end mercedes, for a product really valued at about $5 a carton), they proceed to save that money and pick butts for some financial breathing room.

It is a fair assumption that a percentage of these butt pickers will obtain an illness from this behaviour. Has this government done a study into this consequence of their meddlesome behaviour in the lives of smokers? (NOPE)

Hepatitis isn’t the only disease that can be spread this way. Bacteria of all sorts, including drug-resistant TB, and much, much more! What is the financial burden of this on the health care system? The road to hell is paved with the best of intentions, clearly this is an example of such, and the two biggest winners in this equation are big pharma/medicine and the government. If we don’t like it, good luck paying a fair price somewhere else, and good luck with corporations that love sick people because they are profitable. Between them both it is clear as day the motivator is money and power, and not people.

Policy such as this, is effectively classist, it clearly targets the poor and disadvantaged. How is that or “social justice” for ya?

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